UPM Collaboration Programmes

In Moving towards the Industrial Revolution 4.0, Kolej Teknologi Timur (KTT) focus its own strength towards excellence such as efforts to strengthen the quality of teaching and learning, research and innovation, student development and industrial and community networks. UPM – KTT collaborations providing wider access to students to obtain formal higher institution education

Kolej Teknologi Timur (KTT) is an Associate College of the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) who have been chosen and entrusted by the University to offer two programs Diploma in several areas of our skills as below: –

  • Diploma in Human Development
  • Diploma Science Computer

In response to the UPM always emphasized quality academic programs, KTT has managed to maintain its excellence as an Associate College of the best UPM almost every year with the Best Student Quality Award.

On the basis of continued academic achievement and standards KTT has been recognized Quality Management System EN ISO 9001:2008 by SIRIM in July 2011.

UPM concept Associated Colleges

As a college Associate UPM since 2006, KTT must comply with 100% of UPM syllabus. Here are some of the characteristics of the Associated Colleges of UPM in accordance with the requirements of the University: –

  • KTT consistently meets academic quality through continuous monitoring by the UPM.
  • Ensuring infrastructure, facilities and adequate facilities and satisfactory teaching and learning needs of each academic program conducted.
  • Ensure academic staff consists of qualified and trained teaching and courses from UPM to ensure uniform teaching qualititi and meet university standards.
  • Ensure that the syllabus is 100% the same as in UPM conducted to ensure the quality of graduates produced are the same and equal.


All applications for admission to the Partnership Program Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) subject to the academic requirements set by UPM and must comply with Malaysia’s indigenous citizens.

Applicants who fail to get an offer to the any IPTA through the application made by the UPU can be directly applied to the KTT. Once enrolled in the KTT, the student will be registered online as students of the campus and will gain matrix numbers and UPM portal.

Award of Diploma & Graduation

UPM students at KTT Partnership Program that has met the requirements and conditions of the university will be awarded by Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Diploma on graduation award at the main campus of UPM Serdang, Selangor.

UPM graduates from KTT can enroll in a Bachelor’s Degree in UPM subject to the qualifications set by the UPM.

UPM Admission Requirement

  1. Diploma in Human Development
  2. Diploma in Computer Science
  1. SPM 3 Kredit : BM, BI, Sejarah (Gred C).
  2. LULUS SPM : Math Atau AddMath (Gred D).
  • Nama Kursus : Diploma in Human Development Collaboration With UPM.
  • Tempoh Pengajian : 6 Semester (3 Tahun)
  • Tarikh Tamat Tempoh Sahlaku : 23/12/2022 - 22/12/2027.
  • Kod Kursus KPT : R3/345/4/0198
  • Kod Akreditasi MQA : A8499


  1. SPM 3 Kredit : BM, Matematik. Kepujian (Gred C).
  2. SATU (1) subjek (Fizik/Kimia/Biologi/Sains Tambahan/ Matematik Tambahan/ Subjek Sains & Teknikal Berkaitan). Kepujian(Gred C).
  3. DUA (2) Subjek lain SPM.
  4. LULUS Bahasa Inggeris. (Gred E) Peringkat SPM.
  5. LULUS SPM : Wajib Lulus BM dan Sejarah.
  • Nama Kursus : Diploma in Computer Science Collaboration With UPM.
  • Tempoh Pengajian : 6 Semester (3 Tahun)
  • Tarikh Tamat Tempoh Sahlaku : 21/07/2020 - 20/12/2025.
  • Kod Kursus KPT : R2/481/4/0659
  • Kod Akreditasi MQA : A6122



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